Florida ranks amongst the top ten travel destinations in the world. It’s not difficult to see why as the sun-drenched state is famed for its subtropical climate, powder white sands, spectacular wetlands, unique shopping experiences and most of all for being home to the happiest place on earth – Walt Disney World.

In Kissimmee Florida, there is another piece of paradise called Cypress Cove. It is the worlds’ number one clothing optional resort, and I knew we needed to try it!

We chose to fly business class via Detroit and checked in with reception around 11 o’clock at night. We could hear the evenings’ entertainment somewhere in the distance but given the time difference between Florida and the UK, we were ready for only one thing, a good nights’ sleep! There would be no partying tonight!! The following morning, we woke early and made our way to breakfast. Eggs Benedict, pancakes served with maple syrup, crushed blueberries, and freshly percolated coffee were just some of the typical American delights on offer. The young breakfast waitress had her hair piled high and she was dressed in short shorts, a strappy floral top with a matching floral headband and long white socks with emerald green stripes down the sides. She moved swiftly between the tables topping up coffee cups and it crossed my mind that a pair of roller skates might have completed her outfit better than the runners she was wearing.

After breakfast we wandered around the site and soon discovered it consisted of both residential and holiday lets plus an RV Park. Golf carts were a common mode of transportation within the Cove, in fact everyone who lived there seemed to own one. They were also used by the reception staff, maids and maintenance etc. You could even rent them for the duration of your stay. Cute!!

Facilities include two good sized pools, a huge hot tub, a gym, a games room, pickle ball courts, crazy golf, hair salon, nail salon, clothing boutique, entertainment and an additional restaurant and bar bordering the private lake.

With wetlands being a dominant feature of Florida’s landscape, it would have been unlikely not to have found a lake there, so we were not at all surprised. The lake has two small man made beaches complete with sun-loungers, a very nice jetty with a viewing platform and a couple of fire pits dotted around it, and it was beside one of these that we were treated to an impromptu naked guitar session by one of the local residents who sang various songs and ballads to keep us relaxed and entertained.

There are canoes and pedal boats available at the water’s edge (free of charge) and as the afternoon sun was still blazing, we took one out.

Seemed like a good idea at the time but there were gators in there! I never thought we’d really see one, but we did. He must have been all of five feet long. Just as we approached the far side of the lake, we spotted him sunning himself on the bank.  Our chatting must have disturbed him and with little effort he promptly stood up and slithered seamlessly into the murky water. Alligators have inhabited Florida’s marshes, swamps, rivers and lakes for many centuries and choosing to live there means choosing to coexist with them. Apparently, they are removed from the lake at the Cove once they reach around six foot long.

Cypress Cove offers a three week stay for the price of two, so if you’re idea of a holiday is to get plenty of bang for your buck whilst still living the au-naturel lifestyle but without paying the prices that the Disney hotels command, then look no further. It’s ideal for adrenaline junkies – Hire a Cadillac and take a trip to the Kennedy Space centre, ride a horse over powder white sands, take a high-octane airboat ride, shop till you drop or relive your childhood at Disney. If its peace and quiet, you are looking for then three weeks for the price of two still sounds good. Take a good book with you – and maybe a cowboy hat and a few marshmallows to melt on the fire pit whilst toe-tapping to a good ole tune. Finally, don’t overlook this one for a pre or post cruise stay. We previously mentioned that next year marks a landmark 30 years of nude cruising and as a result, there are some very exciting things planned, after all, 30 years’ is going to take some celebrating! To see more about Cypress Cove and our nude cruises see the following web pages:

Cypress Cove Resort

The Big Nude Boat 23rd Feb – 1st March 2020

It’s always a pleasure to cruise nude and our most recent trip on board The Big Nude Boat – Carnival Sunshine was no exception.

After a smooth flight to Florida and a couple of nights pre-cruise accommodation (there will be another blog about this coming soon), our luggage was loaded into a container at the port and the next time we saw it, it was sat outside our cabin door.  The cabin itself was bright and spacious, well-appointed and conveniently located for the many bars and restaurants on board.

After a good night’s sleep, we spent the first day at sea, giving us plenty of opportunity to explore the ship. We were heading towards Half Moon Cay, a private Island in the Bahamas where we took the water shuttle ashore in preparation for the excursion we had booked. It was a difficult choice as there were so many to choose from, but we opted for an eco-tour of the protected lagoon. There were just four of us on this very informative glass bottom boat tour where we saw colourful living corals, giant starfish, sea sponges and schools of tropical fish. The rest of the day we spent on the idyllic nude beach taking in the wonderful views.

Next stop was Jamaica where we knew we had arrived instantly. Loud and lively music rang out from across the bay where some locals were dancing vivaciously on the deck of a yacht like last night’s party hadn’t quite ended – and it was only 8.30am! Now that’s an introduction to Jamaica!

Time for our next excursion – and whilst we could have taken a Bob Marley bus tour or a trip to the famous Dunn’s River Falls as most tourists do, we decided to be even more adventurous and opted for the wet and dirty self-drive buggy tour through 900 acres of woodland. This trip wasn’t for the faint hearted but it did live up to its name and was definately fun!

After a quick clean up, we enjoyed a tasty lunch of jerk chicken, plantain and rice and peas. We had certainly worked up an appetite! In the afternoon we headed off to the market where a colourful array of beads, fabrics, handmade Rastafarian hats and local wood carvings awaited us.

Our next stop was Roatan, Honduras. This Island looked amazing from the ship, so lush and green with half sunken shipwrecks and secluded little bays. A scenic chair lift transported you from the pier to the nude beach for just $14 dollars, and this gave unlimited use all day if you wanted. We chose to make our own way there passing local dancers, musicians and a variety of souvenir shops before settling at a beach bar / restaurant for some well-earned refreshment. Later that day on the way back to the ship we did more shopping!

Between ports of call there were days at sea but there was always plenty to do. There were lectures on acupuncture and photography, life drawing, arts and craft sessions, a talent show, Karaoke, a murder mystery challenge, Mr and Mrs game show, a towel folding competition, line dancing, ice carving, not to mention the on board Casino, Cinema, Comedy Club, Theatre, Sports bar and lounge, spa, gym and on-board shops. And if that still wasn’t enough there were swimming pools, whirlpools and water slides.

Our last port of call was Cozumel where we were free to do our own thing – we jumped in a local taxi to check out the naturist beach. Once there, the picture postcard scene that met us was so idyllic it almost looked as though it had been photoshopped. To compliment the beach there was a Mexican bar and restaurant with a spattering of souvenir shops and of course – more naked people!

It was a fabulous trip in more ways than one. They beauty of a cruise is that it offers you a one-stop hotel room that transports you from one delightful island to another without the need to even re-pack your toothbrush.

And the question that you probably want to ask is how much nudity is there?  Well there was one main restaurant on board that was completely nude, the other ones required clothes.  Whilst at sea and anchored off shore you could be nude but once the boat was in port you needed to be clothed.  So to summarize it is ‘clothing optional’ so if you were going on your first nude holiday you would not feel you had to be nude all the time!

If you’d like to join our next naked cruise departing from Tampa in February 2020, give us a call to secure your cabin now. 01753 740176.