For those in the know, there is nothing quite so liberating as throwing off your clothes along with convention and spending time naked. It’s even more liberating to do so on a relaxing holiday in one of the Chalfont Holidays’ Naturist hot spots.

However, we know there are plenty of you out there who would love to take one of our holidays but feel prevented from doing so because your preferred travelling companion is reluctant to bare all. It’s not uncommon to find couples or close friends who like nothing more than taking a break together but where one is hesitant when it comes to a nude trip.

If you’ve never been to a Naturist resort you may not know that there is no rule that says guests must be naked 24/7. On the contrary, in some, covering up is compulsory in certain parts of the premises. This may include restaurants and dining rooms, reception areas, on site shops and even beach bars. It sounds odd, and not so wonderful for those who like to strip off as they arrive and not think about getting dressed until it’s time to go home, but if you are someone – or with someone – who is still finding their way in Naturism – it may persuade you (or them) to give it a go. We can recommend the best place for that first time.

In practice, you will often see people dressed in a resort – there are few areas of the world where the temperature is sufficiently warm to be naked all the time. Even if it is not the rule, many Naturist holidaymakers like to dress up in the evenings or feel more comfortable walking around with a cover up. Note that nudity is always required in swimming pools (you can do what you like in the sea, rivers and lakes) and of course there will be plenty of bare bodies around, but the point is that you won’t stand out if you choose not to disrobe. 

When it comes down to it, most people spend relatively little time in their holiday resort – there’s always a wonderful local world to discover. Our resorts are in fantastic parts of the world and surrounded by interesting things, including towns and villages, history, cafés, restaurants and bars, markets, museums, shopping, countryside and landscape, boat trips – don’t miss out on all that just for the sake of an unwillingness to be among Naturist people. Newcomers often tell us that they found a welcoming, friendly community and wish they’d taken the plunge years ago. 

We look forward to helping you book your Naturist holiday – don’t hesitate!

Picture: Hotel Vritomartis


We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to put together a full, exciting schedule and are now delighted to bring you all NINE British Naturism Members’ Holidays for 2019.

Travel with us and a group of like-minded people to Austria, Spain, Croatia, Rhodes, Lanzarote, France and Corsica. The programme includes old favourites and new venues. There is even the opportunity to enjoy two group venues in one trip!

Check out this page for all the details. It starts with an overview of what to expect on a group holiday and is followed by the details of each holiday and the likely trips and activities that will be on offer.


Some of our team are just back from Origan Village in the South of France.  The site is surprisingly spacious with areas that you could easily miss unless you make a point of seeing them.  Our delightful French host Michel took us to see what accommodation types were on offer. Well-appointed modern chalets, smaller chalets with yet more stunning views, and cottages with mezzanines and mirrors above the double beds(!) were all shown to us.  The site is undulating and full of trees and greenery, with hidden areas.  This green area is so vast that we didn’t actually see the 2 donkeys who live on-site, only heard the tinkle of their collar bells among the trees.  The pitch camping area is up another winding road and is well served by sanitaires and space.   As it was higher up from the central area it looked down on the central restaurant, terrace and large well-maintained pool, with 2 smaller pools and a waterslide for children.  It was clear that no camper would feel too close to anyone else and all the pitches seem to have a stunning view of the mountains.

With a 7km naturist hike behind the site, access to the River Var where secluded naturist swimming is possible, a steam train at nearby Puget-Theniers and Medieval town with Citadel 10 minutes away at Entrevaux, this resort has something for everyone.

Origan village will be closing for Winter soon, but we are happy to take bookings for 2019

Our penultimate group holiday of 2018 gets underway at the end of this month. If you are itching to get away, now that the UK weather has returned to what might be considered ‘normal’, the good news is that there are still places available. 

Almost twenty guests have already booked their rooms at Rhodes’ finest dedicated nude resort, the Naturist Angel Hotel. This will be the second time we’ve reserved it for one of our popular British Naturism group holidays and once again guests will able to swim in the large and stunning mineral-water filled swimming pool or laze in the Greek sunshine around it, dining on a full-board basis and enjoying entertainment, all in good company.

There will also be day trips and other activities, perhaps including a tour of the island, visits to Rhodes’ nude beaches, a boat trip and a historical tour of the old Rhodes town.

At this late stage, we might even be able to do a deal for you…find out by contacting us now on or call 01753 740176.

It may seem early – and whilst we enjoy the weather at home, it seems unnecessary to be thinking about next year’s summer holiday, but the popular places get booked up very quickly!

Rates are out for many places and we’ve been making bookings for Costa Natura (Spain), Magnolias Natura (Gran Canaria), Monte Marina (Fuerteventura), Hotel Panorama (Zakinthos), Skinny Dippers (Mallorca), Cypress Cove (Florida) and Hidden Beach Resort (Mexico) to name a few.

Where would you like to go? We’re ready to make your booking…

The Naturist world says farewell to Gran Hotel Natura

We’re sad to report the closure of one of our best-loved and most popular resorts – Gran Hotel Natura, Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

The hotel closed for refurbishment earlier this month, but we have received news that owing to a large and unexpected amount of work needed to the fabric of the building, it will not be reopening.

Gran Hotel Natura opened in 2012. The managers took over an existing hotel and turned it into a Naturist one and it quickly became a top seller, open all year round, easily accessible from the airport, right on the beach and convenient for all that the seaside town of Corralejo has to offer.

The managers are embarking on a new venture on the island of Gran Canaria – look out for details soon.

In the meantime, don’t forget our other destinations on Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura Sun Club and Monte Marina

Although we spent a lot of time lazing around the beautiful pool or strolling to the nearby naturist beaches we had plenty of activities to entertain our group.

We enjoyed a memorable boat trip to Keri Caves, which you can only get to by sea. There was time for swimming in the crystal clear blue sea around the boat, which we followed with a coach tour of the island. We visited the nearby Turtle Rescue Centre, designed to inform people about the native Loggerhead Turtles, followed by a walk on to the nearby Gerakas beach with naturist sections at either end. Later in the week a coach trip took us to an olive oil factory and museum showing traditional methods of crushing the fruit and making the oil; a visit to a small winery with an opportunity to sample the products; and the highlight of the day, Shipwreck Bay with a view of the famous beached ship which is only possible from a vantage point on the top of a cliff viewable by maximum two people at a time. We had lunch at a taverna with spectacular views out to sea.

In the evenings we completed in quizzes, and enjoyed a greek evening with a traditional greek menu.

Thanks to Natasha who with her parents and other members of staff worked tirelessly to ensure everyone’s comfort, also not to forget their ever present dog Poochie who was clearly part of the family. The hotel was of a very high standard in all rooms and meals were all taken al fresco.

Would I go again?  Certainly hope so.

Clive Edwards

Departing 16 June, we have huge last-minute reductions on the cabins for our group Croatian Cruise!

The trip is for 7 nights. Main deck and lower deck cabins are available. Contact us for more information.


We’re delighted to launch our next BN Members’ group holiday to Austria for March 2019. Enjoy a range of winter activities including cross-country and downhill skiing, walking, horse and sleigh rides, pretty towns and villages and a naked hotel with swimming pool, sauna and steam room to return to. Find out all the details here – and read a report on what happened this year.

Around 35 guests joined together for our group holiday to El Portús, near Cartagena in Spain. For many it means meeting up again in familiar surroundings with old friends and for others a completely new experience

There were plenty of fun activities for the group to opt into as they wished, including two coach trips. The first began with a trundle up a mountain on a mini train to the silver mine at La Unión where a competent guide walked us through the tunnels and explained what life for the historic miner was like. There were opportunities to disrobe in the mine and many were so comfortable they didn’t want to dress again. This was followed by a spectacular trip to Calblanque nature reserve where beautiful coves stretch along a protected area of coastal land. Our explorers and beach lovers removed their clothes, took their picnics and walked or relaxed bathed by the sun.

The next day took us to Licor 43, and a very professional tour of museum and liqueur factory was followed by tastings. The coach then dropped us in Cartagena for a walk around the historic centre and then we lunched in a restaurant where the seafood platters were endless and plentiful and the bottomless beer jugs kept on coming, alongside bottles of red and white wine.

The traditional paella evening was very popular at Moncho’s on-site restaurant and bar, where the group naturally gathered in the evenings. There were many other activities including aqua aerobics, quiz nights and an offsite Naturist walk. There were plenty of chances for taking time out at the beach, sitting on sunny terraces or swimming in the pool. Many are already planning their return visits and other group holidays including the next one to El Portús this September…