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Gosh – we can hardly believe that it is September already!  

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who have been patient with us, commended us, and supported us throughout the last few months.

If you have a booking going forward, rest assured we are working our way through them in chronological order.  If necessary we will be contacting you about rescheduling or to discuss alternative options
The Future of Travel….

Some food for thought!

When the FCO hit the pause button back in March this year, travel as we knew it ground to a halt. Many businesses failed without the continuous string of tourists they were used to and this in itself emphasised how much the global economy depends on travel.

The industry as a whole had already seen a slight ripple towards anti-flying from those who had realised the detrimental impact of their carbon footprint, but could the combination of environmental issues and worries about the virus really mean that we will be flying less in the future? If so, what might the future of travel look like? Will airlines focus on only the most popular and profitable routes? Will we be accepted for travel with a common cough or cold? Will we see liquid carry on restrictions relaxed so that we are able to travel with more than 100ml of hand sanitiser in our pockets? There are plenty of possibilities and though we can only guess what the future will hold, other changes we have already seen, or might see in the future could include contactless security checks, temperature imaging tunnels and disinfection cleansing chambers.

Tourist hotspots such as theme parks and art galleries could restrict numbers entering and pre-booking with e-ticket entry only may be required. Some venues may offer private out of hours experiences, not only to encourage people to keep within their bubble but also to expand on their opening hours and subsequent profit making opportunities. It’s possible we may see the end of buffet stations in huge all-inclusive hotels and on board cruise liners. Instead, meal options might be safely displayed behind clear Perspex screens and specific sittings for pre-ordered meals only could be imposed upon us.

Outdoor trips such as walking and hiking tours are expected to boom and “Staycations” in your own camper or caravan could be the way forward. Mobile homes, lodges and apartment rental might prove beneficial over hotel accommodation for some and rail travel may make a comeback since you can at least open a window. Car hire versus transfers might be preferred and people may take fewer trips each year but stay longer.

Finally, the volume of DIY holidays is expected to take a slide as more and more people come to realise the full financial protection that a package holiday brings. One thing is clear though, this virus is a moving target and consequently, many health protocols will be here to stay. So, could the futurology of travel mean the end of over-tourism and the adverse effects it has on the environment and if so, could virtual holidays and sightseeing tours really become a thing of the future??
Stay Current – the latest travel advice


Developments in the coronavirus pandemic remain uncertain around the world and this means that no travel is risk-free.  If you are planning to travel abroad in the coming weeks or months, even if you are returning to a place you’ve been before, you should know the inherent risks.  Travel disruption is still possible and local / national measures may be bought in with little or no notice so you should ensure you check the current guidance regularly.

We strongly advise that you visit the government website which shows all the latest foreign travel advice (button below), as there may be specific entry requirements and/or a passenger locator form (PLF) to be filled out prior to your departure and / or return. In some instances, you may need to download an app. It is highly important that you read the information provided as some countries impose heavy fines for non-compliance. These new regulations will require your attention and all of this may take additional time. 

Foreign Travel Advice
Group Holiday Update

Sadly we have had to cancel the majority of our group holidays scheduled to run this year and the latest casualties are our El Portus holiday to Spain which was due to depart this month and our South African adventure in November.  

However, the good news is that we have already have new dates for El Portus in 2021 which are 25 September to 2nd October. Remember, you can extend you stay either side of these dates. Just ask us!

Our Croatian Cruise, which is always very popular will take place 12 – 19 June 2021. Departing from Dubrovnik the planned route is  DUBROVNIK – SIPAN or SLANO – (MLJET) KORCULA – BISEVO (BLUE CAVE) / VIS – HVAR – (BOL) – Makarska – (Pucisca) OMIS – Split. Spaces are already very limited so if you are interested in joining our waitlist please let us know and we’ll add you! There is nothing to pay now and even better – there is no commitment on your part. You can find more information here:
Dates for South Africa are yet to be announced but again, if you’d like to register your interest without any obligation do let us know.
Looking forward to 2021

We are now taking bookings and enquiries for all our resorts. If for any reason we are not able to make a confirmed booking, then we will be able to take an advanced registration from you. Please call us for further information about this.
Browse all our destinations here and remember, just because you don’t see it on our website it doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. You’ll be surprised at what we can offer you including some great tailor-made trips. We’ll tell you more about this next time.   Chalfont Resorts

AITO Survey

Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey that is running in conjunction with AITO (The Specialist Travel Association) which is asking your about your future travel plans.

They have decided to continue to run the survey for a little longer in light of the ever-changing nature of travel at the moment so if you haven’t taken part there is still time.
Your responses will really help AITO and Chalfont to shape the services and holidays we offer in the future, which will of course mean more incredible holiday experiences for you.

It will only take a few minutes!   Click to complete survey
And Finally….

We would like to ask that you consider signing the petition to extend furlough beyond October for the travel industry

Whilst many industries are now able to trade either fully or partially, the travel industry is being disproportionately affected by travel restrictions and quarantines being imposed by the government. Many people have spent their lives working in the industry and once all this is over, those skilled employees will be once again required to plan and take the nation on holiday. Whilst restrictions remain in place, imposed by the government we cannot trade fully or make a recovery.

If 10,000 signatures are received, the government will respond to the petition however, if 100,00 people sign the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Let’s all support our industry and get the UK back in business!

Best wishes from all the team at Chalfont Holidays